Fast, Accurate Reporting for Conveyancing

Report On Title, by Property Marvel (PM-ROT), enables your firm to quickly and accurately produce the conveyancing reports below. Writing these reports is a critical, time-consuming and difficult step in the conveyancing process. PM-ROT provides a superior way of approaching this task which will save your firm time and money, as well as improving the quality, consistency and compliance of your reports.

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Report On Contract
Report On Title
Report On Searches
Report On Mortgage
Report On Pre-Contract Enquiries
Combined Report
Report On Remortgage
Report On Sale

How It Works

Complete The Questionnaire

Choose your report type, then complete our intelligent questionnaire, which re-configures based on the choices made. The questionnaire ensures the report's structure is correct and contains all the elements required for the matter in hand.

Customize You Report

The screen is split. As questions are answered on the left, the report is generated in real-time on the right. You can add precedents to the report from our extensive pre-defined library. You can also create your own precedents to supplement ours. A report can be completely customised if required, although we believe in most cases very little editing will be needed once the questionnaire has been completed.

Produce Your Report

Once a report is complete and correct it can be produced in the finished PDF format to pass to the client and / or store into your CMS. You can also print reports in draft for proofing. Our clever engine automatically creates a nested table of contents for you based on your headings (heading 1, heading 2, heading 3 etc.)

Why Choose PM-ROT?

Simple & Fair Pricing

Our efficient, robust system allows us to offer PM-ROT at reasonable and fair price. The following reports can be combined into a single report, or they can be produced individaully. All prices exclude VAT.

Report On Contract: £1.00
Report On Contract New Build: £2.00
Report On Mortgage: £1.00
Report On Title: £1.00
Report On Leasehold: £2.00
Report On Searches: £1.00
Report On Pre-Contract enquiries: £1.00

The following reports are offered at a fixed price:

Report On Sale: £3.50
Report On Re-Mortgage: £4.00

Fast & Powerful

PM-ROT is fast and responsive. Building reports is an efficient time-saving process. Unlike some other products, you won't be clicking and waiting an age for the application to respond.

Visual In-Line Editing

PM-ROT allows you to watch your report being built as you fill in the questionnaire. You can amend report contents as you go along, import your own precedents and fill merge fields. No more wondering where a paragraph has come from, or why it has been included.

The split-screen layout shows your report on the right in real-time as you complete the questionnaire on the left.

Content Written By Solicitors

The content in the PM-ROT precedents library is written and maintained by qualified, practicing solicitors who constantly review and amend it to keep it current.

You can supplement our content with your own, and build your own libraries of precedents.

Your firm is ultimately responsible for the contents of any report generated through PM-ROT. You should check each report thoroughly before passing it to a client. Property Marvel Limited will not be liable for anything incorrectly included within your reports.

Cloud & Web-Browser Based

PM-ROT lives in the cloud, and runs in any modern web-browser. Sorry, but we don't support Internet Explorer.

Easy Learning Curve

Your staff won't need a degree in computer science to use PM-ROT. It is easy to use. You will not need to send anyone on a training course to learn the product. The help is built right in.

Set Font Face, Size and Colour

PM-ROT gives you full control over your preferred font, sizes of normal text and headings and colours. You can also set page margins and upload your own firm's logo.

Setup & Manage Your Own Users

PM-ROT allows you to setup and manage your own users. You can set the following levels of access:

  • Admin - with full rights
  • Editor - can manage precedents for your firm.
  • Basic User - can create & edit reports.
  • No Access - to disable an account.
Easy Integration

PM-ROT is written and maintained by experienced in-house developers. The means of integration with your CMS have been designed for simplicity and ease of use.

1. Your CMS calls PM-ROT with your firm's own secret and unique key, matter details, report type, and fee-earner details.
2. PM-ROT will return a single-use link to click in your CMS to create your report.

3. When you produce your final report, PM-ROT will call your CMS back to hand over the report.

Technical documentation is available upon request.

Freedom To Edit

Alter the contents of any part of a report. With PM-ROT you have complete freedom to amend your reports within the product. There is no need to export to a word-processor to finish off your report.

How does your firm produce conveyancing reports?

Copy & Paste?
Copy & Paste?

Many firms endlessly copy & paste previously written reports in a word-processor, pulling the content around to create new reports. This is a nightmare from a document control and compliance viewpoint. Firms end up with hundreds of different versions of the same document, all slightly different, and important things get easily missed.

Even worse, content from report "A" accidentaly gets included in report "B" when it isn't even relevant or accurate.

PM-ROT will transform the way your firm produces these reports for the better. We guarantee you will save time and therefore money, not to mention improving the quality, consistency and compliance of your reporting.

Built into your CMS?
Built Into Your CMS?

Some case managment systems make a token gesture effort at providing a conveyancing reporting module. These usually fall woefully short, lacking the power to generate reports that are fit for purpose.

If you have to heavily edit the report to get it into a fit state to present to the client then your CMS's reporting module is not working for you.

Integrating PM-ROT with your existing case management system is very simple. Even if your CMS provider is unwilling to integrate, PM-ROT produces a PDF which you can easily upload manually.

Copy & Paste?
Another Inferior Product?

There are alternatives to our product. However, we developed PM-ROT for a solicitor who was very dissapointed and frustrated with the other report writing tools available to them.

These alternative products make big boasts, but are, in reality, unreasonably expensive, slow, unintuative, clunky and contain a poor standard of content.

If you are tired of the high costs of your current solution, or your staff constantly complaining about the quality or speed of your current solution, you should consider giving PM-ROT a try.

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